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 Is 57 and proud of it.. 😄 and says you are never too old to learn something new!

Married to Mike, with 3 children and 6 gorgeous grandchildren. 

Sharan loves to make people feel at home and welcomed above all else.

Interests other than job, are family, friends, lots of diy, gardening, cooking, baking, fishing, watching movies and her dogs  Betty and Roux...x



Aged 30 with 2 young beautiful daughters 💖 ...in a long standing relationship with kieron.

Emma has been a valuable member of Blades for over 5 years and is bubbly, considerate and hard working

Interests include spending time with her extended family and friends, bingo, shopping, dancing and watching a great movie. 


Aged 30  Engaged to Lewis with an adorable little boy. 😚 

I have know Kat the longest, she has always been a wonderful second daughter, has been friends with Emma since they were very small and just as all of the other members of the team is loved by all

Interests are family and friends along with bingo, holidays, shopping and fashion.


Is one of Blades senior stylists and is aged 26 in a long standing relationship with keith, with a beautiful little baby born last year😍

Tara is vivacious with a breath of fresh air, there is nothing she cannot put her mind to.

Interests are her family and friends, beauty, hair, make-up, reading and exercise..along with her two dogs.


Is 29 and engaged to be married to Garry.

Hanna is bright, dependable, caring and well loved by the whole team

Loves spending her time with Garry and family the most

Goes to the gym and is partial to a bit of Zumba


 is 40 and has been married to Ben for 15 years with 3 gorgeous boys...

Jo makes us laugh with her wicked sense of humour, she has a thirst for her craft and is always striving to do better.

interests are her family, running, barbering, keeping fit with her club, she is very proud of her allotment and growing great vegetables, sewing and volunteering at her boys school



Olivia... Liv.

Liv...is not a barber, however she is just as valuable a team member who keeps the shop clean and smart..

Liv is 17 and has been with us since she was a wee 14 year old...❤

Liv is extremely intelligent who came top of her school in just about every subject!..and will be off to university next year to hopefully one day run the world!! 😁


Is 45 and definitely a people person with an abundance of energy and sass...❤ she has a wonderful contagious personality.

Nikki is Blades fully qualified and extremely talented nail technician, focusing on working to improve your own nails ... she is married to Craig who have two beautiful teenage children.

Nikki loves spending time with her family and friends,

She enjoys too many hobbies to list! A very busy lady indeed.

Blades , Portsmouth

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